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Department of Mathematical Analysis and Numerical Mathematics was created in 2004 on the base of Department of Mathematical Analysis and Department of Numerical Analysis and Optimization. Besides two other mathematical departments, Department of Algebra, Geometry and Mathematics Education and Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, they form mathematical part of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics.

The Department is located in the Mathematical Sciences Building in Mlynska dolina, in the triangle between Slovak TV, Slovak Technical University and Botanic Garden.

With 27 department members and 6 PhD students, our department is large enough to represent a wide range of research areas and small enough to provide individual attention to graduate students.

The department offers the Bc-degree in Mathematics and Management, Mgr-degree in Mathematical Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Mathematics and Management and PhD-degree in Mathematical Analysis, Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics. The department participates also in other degree programs in informatics, physics, natural sciences, mathematics education and financial mathematics.

Nine members of the Department have grants from the Slovak VEGA Grant Agency, five of them are principal investigators.

Correspondence and Information:
Katedra matematickej analýzy a numerickej matematiky
Mlynská dolina - matematický pavilón M
84248 Bratislava 4